The Invincible Shovel Volume 4 Update

Scoop Musou: "Scoop Hadouhou!" ( `・ω・´)♂〓〓〓〓★(゜Д ゜ ;;;).:∴ Dogooo

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Total Volume : 4

Status : Ongoing

Light Novel Information

Title : The Invincible Shovel
Alt. Title: Scoop Musou: “Scoop Hadouhou!” ( `・ω・´)♂〓〓〓〓★(゜Д ゜ ;;;).:∴ Dogooo
Status : Ongoing
Author(s): Yuuki, Hagure (Art), Tsuchise, Yasohachi (Story)
Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
English Publisher :seven seas

Synopsis Alan is the strongest miner in the world, able to reduce mountains to rubble with simply a swing of his trusty shovel. But when Princess Letitia begs him to escort her on a quest to save her kingdom from an invading demon force, he agrees to leave his solitary mountain abode and venture forth, on one condition: she must help him find a successor to train. In this hilarious fantasy tale for fans of RPGs, evil doesn’t stand a chance against the mighty power of the shovel!

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