Record of Wortenia War (Vol 11 Update)

Wortenia Senki

Total Volume : 11

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Light Novel Information

Title : Record of Wortenia War
Alt. Title: Wortenia Senki
Status : Ongoing
Author(s): Yagi, Yukari (Art), Hori, Ryouta (Story)
Genre(s): Action, Fantasy, Adventure
English Publisher : J-Novel Club
High-schooler Ryouma Mikoshiba finds himself summoned to another world by the warmongering O’ltormea Empire. But Ryouma is no ordinary school boy—he has both talent and training in martial arts. Using his skills in martial arts to escape captivity and swearing revenge on the country that summoned him, Ryouma finds himself in a world where he can become stronger by absorbing the life force of whomever he slays—a world that fits his talents to a bloody T.
 Pursued by the O’ltormean court for killing an important official, Ryouma attempts to flee the border while keeping his identity hidden. But as he does, he encounters two twin sisters - Sara and Laura - an encounter that will change his fate.

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