Mixed Bathing in Another Dimension Volume 6 Update

Isekai Konyoku Monogatari

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Total Volume : 6

Status : Ongoing

Light Novel Information

Title : Mixed Bathing in Another Dimension
Alt. Title: Isekai Konyoku Monogatari
Status : Ongoing
Author(s): Hagiya, Masakage (Art), Hibihana, Nagaharu (Story)
Genre(s): Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Romance, Harem
English Publisher : J-Novel Club


“How am I supposed to fight with this?!” After being summoned into another dimension as one of the five heroes destined to defeat a demon lord, Touya Houjou awakens his hero power only to discover that… it’s an unlimited bath? He was blessed with the power to create a bath that can be accessed anywhere, which seems to spell doom for his quest to defeat the demon lord. As he recovers from his shock, Touya slowly discovers the unique features of his power, which allow him to use it in ways he’d never dreamed of… But will he ever get any bath time with Haruno Shinonome, the beautiful girl who was also summoned along with him?!

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