How to Read .epub File

How to read .epub files (all device)

Mobile (Android/iPhone)

To read .epub files in Android you only needs to install lithium apk and it will autimatically added all your .epub files in library to be read.
Dowload Lithium
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
To read .epub files in OS you only needs to install EPUB Reader application. Format 100% supported by the application, including the styles, chapters, tables, links, footnotes etc. The visualization system takes into account the specific character of the format functioning on mobile devices (memory capacity, the number of general processor units etc.),
Dowload EPUB Reader

PC (Windows/Mac/Linux)

To read .epub files in PC/Laptop you only needs to install Calibre Application and open your .epub files direcly or added all your .epub files to Calibre library for full experience
Dowload Calibre (Window) | Dowload Calibre (Window 64bit)
Dowload Calibre (Mac)
Dowload Calibre (Linux)

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