Cooking with Wild Game (Vol 13 Update)

Isekai Ryouridou

Total Volume : 13

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Light Novel Information

Title : Cooking with Wild Game
Alt. Title: Isekai Ryouridou
Status : Ongoing
Author(s): Kochimo (Art), EDA (Story)
Genre(s): Fantasy
English Publisher : J-Novel
Asuta Tsurumi is a 17-year-old apprentice chef who helps out at his father's restaurant, "Tsurumi-ya." The eating place is frequently the target of harassment, but their harassers escalate things to another level when one day they wound Asuta's father and set the restaurant on fire. As a result, Asuta impulsively dives into the fire to recover his father's prized Santoku knife.
 Shortly after, Asuta wakes up alone in a forest. The boy has little time to make sense of his surroundings, as he is soon attacked by a wild boar. A passing Moribe huntress, Ai Fa, rescues him and decides to take him in despite her initial suspicions. As Asuta comes to grips with his new life, he gradually begins to understand the Moribe village's traditions and its political situation, which has left Ai Fa socially isolated. Fortunately, the young apprentice chef has an ace up his sleeve: knowledge of cooking from another world. Wielding the Santoku knife that mysteriously remains in his possession, Asuta sets out to introduce delicious dishes to a new and unfamiliar world.

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