Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki (Vol 6 Update)

Jaku-Chara Tomozaki-kun

Total Volume : 6

Status : Ongoing

Light Novel Information

Title : Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki
Alt. Title: Jaku-Chara Tomozaki-kun
Status : Ongoing
Author(s): Fly (Art), Yaku, Yuuki (Story)
Genre(s): Romance, Drama, School
English Publisher : Yen Press
For Fumiya Tomozaki, one of the best gamers in Japan, the "game of life" is the worst game in existence. Despite the fact that Tomozaki is the number one player in the video game Attack Families, he is a self-proclaimed bottom-tier character when it comes to real life. As a second-year high school student, he suffers from an absolute lack of self-esteem, leading him to completely give up on trying to improve himself as a person. Instead, he blames the real world for being completely unbalanced, with no logical way to level up your character.
 Aoi Hinami is an immensely popular girl in Tomozaki's class with fantastic grades. She fits the role of a perfect heroine and is on the opposite end of the social spectrum from Tomozaki. However, after a chance encounter with Hinami, Tomozaki realizes that she is not a perfect character after all!
 So begins a story of drama and romance revolving around Tomozaki's attempts at conquering the game of life under Hinami's guidance.

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